Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 21...Living a life for You is the only life to live

The last official daywell, sort of.  This fasting experience has completely challenged us in ways we never imagined.  Making out our grocery store list for the weekend, we realized that we are going to continue this journeyfor God.  We aren’t going to become vegans or anything, even though I totally get the desire for that now.  But, we are only going to bring back a few of the things we missed during this journeya few milk products, a small amount of sugar, and some chocolate.  But, overall, this has truly been a game-changer.  Doing something for God for 21 days has been the coolest experience.  I had no idea that I would get this much from it or spend this kind of quality time in His presence.

     I have learned so much about myself throughout the last three weeks.  It is so sad to think I am almost forty-years-old, and I am still figuring out how much more I need to seek You.  I thought I was doing such a good job, living in Your presence, talking to You all day long, asking for Your plan to be my planbut somehow I think I missed the part when You were in charge of me.  I have learned to lose control of pretty much everything, of course, I also found out that I never had control anyway.  (Big breakthrough, there) My soul finally understands what it means to rest in Your presence and to allow You to work in such a great degree that I cannot imagine going back to the old me.  I know that the world will tempt me , engage me, and mess me up over and over againbut I will continue to be drawn back to You letting You lead me, guide me, mold me, and focus my energy into Your plan for my life.  I am even more excited to see what happens in the coming days now that I have my own choices to make again.  It was easy to rely on You and make sacrifices for You for the past three weeks.  I wanted to please You, so now I get to please you more while I struggle with my own free-will.  I know that no matter what I do, You will always be there holding my handreminding me that I am Your daughtertelling me that You made me for Your purposeloving meand that is all I need.  Thank you God for leading us to this point in our livesfor giving us such a desire to know Youfor allowing us to be bold for Youand for showing me that living a life for You is the only life to live.

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