Friday, May 31, 2013

Pixie Hollow Dreams

 Lily is still crazy about all things Disney... and I couldn't imagine why!  At the moment, she loves TinkerBell and her fairy friends the most.  Trina bought her two sets of Pixie Hollow Chapter books for her birthday, and she loves reading about all of their adventures.  I just loved these pictures she drew of the characters, and especially of Big Ben.  I could watch her draw all day long...She is so creative!


Lily made it all the way across the monkey bars at school for the first time this year, and she was thrilled. 
 We went on a Field Trip to the Discovery Museum at the end of the year, and they loved all of the exhibits.  They were being silly gooses while posing together acting like the dinosaur was about to eat them!
 Then, we took Lily on a shopping trip for her birthday- which was exactly what she wanted to do- and she spent some birthday money and gift cards at Claire's and Old Navy.  She also chose to go to the mall and Toys R Us.  She loves to shop!

I want to go to Hawaii!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lily's Summer Journal

Lily loves to research things on the internet, so we decided to make a journal this summer of all of the topics that interest her.  She chose Germany first, and she wanted to learn more about the foods they eat.  She said she loves Mama's Summer School!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

End-Of-The-Year Activities

 It is the end of First Grade, and as usual, it seems that we are busier than ever!  I made sure to take lots of pictures during our activities.  Lily is hanging out with her two best friends, Heidi and Teodora.
 We had our annual Mink March a few weeks ago...
 Then the following day, we had our Field Day.  Lily got to be part of the Tug of War team...
 They had fun just sitting around waiting for the next event.
 Carlie Ann is another one of Lily's best friends.  She actually told Baba that Carlie Ann was probably her best friend because they had never argued!  I thought that was pretty smart!
 Lily still loves to run, so she ran in a few events...and she won both of them.
 She also participated in the Obstacle Course race.  She really enjoyed Field Day!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, my Lily!

 Happy 6th Birthday to our little Princess!