Saturday, August 20, 2011

FPKids & the World

Lily had some FPKids homework to do last weekend for church. She was so excited to learn about what God's Grace was really all about. One way that we showed her was by making some homemade cookies to share with family and friends. It was a way of showing her how Grace is all about getting something we totally don't deserve.

Part of her Bible Study for the week was drawing the world and labeling all of its parts. She did this all by herself by looking at her Melissa & Doug World Puzzle. We were really proud of her, and as you can see by the first picture- she was really proud of herself, too!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lily's Afterschool Friends

Lily loves Kaitlyn and Kaylee! Thank you girls for taking care of Miss Lily afterschool so I can get my work done! Lily cannot wait to see you and play with you every day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lily's First Day of Kindergarten

Lily had a wonderful day today! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Stewart! She has told us all about her day- she made a schoolbus, colored an apple with a green leaf and a brown stem, went to Computer Lab where her teacher said, "Do not throw the headphones!" , went outside to play on the playground, and went to Art & Music. She said that in Art she got to tell three things about herself- "My favorite movie is Mulan. I love to play a lot! I love to watch t.v. I have a cat named Sushi." She had her school smile on all day today! She also ate all of her lunch that Baba packed for her: strawberries, grapes, sliced deli turkey, BBQ Pringles, string cheese, and a Yoo-Hoo. She got to help pack her lunch last night.
She also said, "I did not get in trouble one time!" She better not EVER! :0)