Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Days

This summer has been so crazy! We are remodeling our kitchen, and we have at least 2 more weeks before we have a countertop, sink, cooktop, and dishwasher again. I feel like we are really roughing it! :0)
Today, Lily decided to go all purple (which is a real rarity these days, since she is all about hot pink now). So, my sister took our picture since we were matchy-patchy.
Here is another rarity- a picture of Doodette- a.k.a. Suzette with Lily. We are sure enjoying these summer days. I cannot believe we have already been out of school for a month!
Next week, we will be traveling to spend some time with our friends, David & Beth and their wonderful daughters, Liana and Marah. We also get to spend some time with our brand-new friends, too. I am telling you this because there should be lots of pictures when we get home!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farm Days

We spent the weekend in Kentucky with my family. Lily had so much fun drawing with her sidewalk chalk.
She also enjoyed playing around on Pop's farm equipment.

Doesn't she look like such a big girl!

Of course, she had to check out the John Deere tractor, too!

Pop showed her all kinds of things about the garden.
She loves him so much!
Lily loves swinging with Mammow!
She made sure to give away lots of lovin' while we were there!
We also stopped to see Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom on the way home. Lily could not stop talking about riding with Uncle Tom in his Mule. She really enjoyed the trek through the jungle! :0) It is always fun in Kentucky- Lily always manages to learn all kinds of new things.