Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adios and Zai Jian!

Goodbye Disney World 2013....we will see you again really soon!

On our way home...

 Here is the little Princess on the journey home within the first few hours....
And here she is about 4 hours into the trip....the blanket is thrown into the floor and the tiara is sliding off!

Braille Map

Lily was so excited when she saw this Braille Map at Epcot.  She has been learning about Helen Keller at school so this really fascinated her!

Reading Again!


 In Epcot taking advantage of the beautiful evening and this gorgeous smile!


Crystal Palace

Castle Time

 It is the prettiest backdrop in the parks!  So we took advantage of it this year...and we took tons of pictures!


 On December 27th, we spent the day at Magic Kingdom.  We had 3 fast passes which really helped there.  (You get 3 fast passes every day with your MagicBands which is awesome!)  Of course, we had to ride Lily's favorite ride which is Peter Pan's Flight.  Thank goodness we had a fast pass for it because the wait was 120 minutes!

 I don't know what we would have done without our time keeper!  She kept up with our reservations and fast passes throughout the whole trip!

Reading, Reading, Reading!

Lily read 7 chapter books while we were on vacation!  We caught her reading first thing in the morning and anytime that we were getting ready to go somewhere or right before bedtime every night!  During the whole Christmas break, she read 25 chapter books!  She LOVES to read!


 We ate with the characters again in Epcot @ The Garden Grill.  

 We put Lily's hair in a ponytail when we got back to the room that night- I just had to take a picture!  I cannot believe it is so long!

Present #2

 Lily was thrilled to go to Japan and pick present #2!  She has been wanting to do this for years, and she couldn't wait to choose her oyster.  This was such a cool experience.    She loves her necklace that she had made with her beautiful pearl inside.

Animation at Midnight

 We ended our evening...super Disney Animation Studios.  
 How perfect!  We drew Scrooge on Christmas Day!