Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Fridays

Jamie has been given a huge gift this summer- he is now off on Fridays!  So, every Friday- we wake up to this face from Lily!  She is thrilled to have her Baba to herself on Fridays.  It has been the best present ever!  We could not be more blessed to have this day together each week!

Another Journal Entry

Between working at church, spending time with Suzette, and just enjoying our summer days together- we have been slacking on the journal this week.  But, last week, she did one other entry about Haiti.  I am interested to see what she wants to research next!

Our Summer Job

 Lily and I love LOVE love summer... because we get to spend tons of time at church helping Baba!  This summer, we have been working on lots of projects.  Lily has gotten to make a rain stick, organize, clean, cut, color, glue, and PAINT!  She has been helping me to paint this "coloring book" page for the TreeHouse stage.  This week, God made land and plants.  Next week, we will be coloring in the animals.