Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's October

 Lily was in a video shoot for our church today.  She was an angel...the perfect part for her, of course.
 The children were taped while acting out the parts of the Christmas story with no words.  Background words will be added into the final movie version which will be shown at church in December. 
 Today was all about the kids looking as though they had gotten together spontaneously acting out the birth of Jesus.
 The children were crazy and fun...with such amazing personalities. 
 The video was shot in a beautiful setting down by the lake.
 There was even a 1 month old "real" baby Jesus.  It was amazing when they shot the scene where everyone was supposed to be amazed by seeing Jesus in the manger.  Everyone was quiet on the set, especially the children.  Standing there imagining being there to witness Jesus coming into the world was pretty emotional for couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking and feeling that very moment. 
 Our little angel had an amazing day...She loved every minute of it!
Here we were in front of Bethlehem...out by the lake.  We can't wait to see the finished video!  I know it will be amazing!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Presents from China

 When Baba got back from China, he had a few presents for Lily.  These were her favorites... he brought her back a purple bracelet with jade rocks.  She loves this bracelet, and she is keeping it in a safe place.  She doesn't want to play with it so she can wear it when she gets older.  All of this was totally her idea.  Beneath you can see her holding three little China girls.  She loves these little China girls with their purple outfits.  She says the little one is her, one is me, and one is Suzette.  She has placed these in a special spot in her shelves.