Monday, June 29, 2009

Where Annnnna go? (Spending time with Hannah)

Lily loved having her picture made with the characters. She loved Tiggee, Eye-or, and Pooh. We had lots of other pictures taken by the Disney photographers with other characters that we will post later when we get them.
One morning at the end of the week, she was so tired. We just had to take a picture of her sleeping in after one of our late nights of firework watching.
We went on Lily's favorite ride 3 times- It's A Small World. She loved it! This time, we rode with Hannah, Kim, and Kevin who we went to China with.
Here they are with their beautiful daughter, Hannah. We had so much fun spending time with them. They took us on lots of rides, and it was so nice to be able to talk with them again. We really loved seeing Hannah, too. Lily cannot stop talking about "Annnnna". Thanks for taking time to spend the evening with us! We are so glad you were able to meet us there!
Here we are with our girls- we are getting ready to watch the fireworks again! Lily can't wait to watch Tinta-Bow come out of the top of the castle. She told everyone that would listen at Disney World- which was a lot of people... our bus drivers, total strangers, people on the bus, people standing in line with us- you name it- she told them that "Tinta Bow came from the top of the castle- this way "---and she would point in the direction that she would be flying that evening. She also told them that "Tinta Bow was going night-night" when the fireworks ended. I guess she figured she was really tired after flying through the air.
Lily and Hannah were getting to know each other.
Hannah loved her shoes that lit up when she walked. She was happy to be out and about.
The castle before the fireworks. Lily and Hannah both looked the same during the fireworks- a little scared, but still interested in what was happening.
We are so happy that we got to spend time with Hannah, Kim, and Kevin on our vacation. We hope you guys will meet us at Disney again in the future!
Now, for a few of Lily's favorite parts of It's A Small World. She loved the "danda"-
and the "Hippppp-O"!
She always pointed to the Tiger with his "Umbrellellella."
And she loved the purple koala bear!
We had the best time at Disney World, and we cannot wait to take Lily back again and again!
So, Zai Jian- Goodbye in Chinese!
I have some videos and pictures that I will try to post before we leave for another summer getaway. We will be going to some family reunions soon!


We took Lily to a restaurant where we ate on our honeymoon (which was 12 years ago on June 21st). Yes, we spent our anniversary in Disney. That was really nice to think that 12 years ago we had no idea we would have been back here with our little princess today. They had a Tinkerbell drink for kids that had a light up Tinkerbell on the straw. Lily was beyond excited!
She kept kissing it over and over again!
She also had to display her new word that she keeps using so often- "Mine, mine, mine!"
Lily also thought every single Disney character was only waving at her. It was so sweet. Here she is waving at Mickey...
in the Main Street parade at the Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of Lily's favorite ride...

Our Favorite

We took these pictures of Lily in the France spot of Epcot. I absolutely love these pictures of her!

Then, we moved on to the China spot. We spent most of our days at Epcot for half of the day and then Magic Kingdom for the other half. We only spent half a day at the other two parks.
Epcot was our favorite! Lily spent a lot of time on Baba's "shoulshers"- it became something she asked for when we entered the parks each day.
We kept coming back to see Mulan, but we missed her each day.

More Disney posts still coming. I did not realize we took so many pictures! Plus, the pictures of Lily and Hannah at Disney World together.

This and that from Disney...

One of Lily's favorite things was to see what towel creations our Mousekeeper, Rosa, left for her each day. One day Rosa left her a koala bear towel. She loved it. She also left her two puppy dog towels and a mickey mouse towel creation.

Here is a picture of us in the Coca Cola pavilion- where we all tried Watermelon Coke from China. Lily loved it! It was really sweet!
Lily also loved going to Minnie's house. She was excited because it was purple and pink- her two favorite colors.
She also had to have one of the Mickey $10 balloons which by the way, is still completely blown up and doing well a week later. It was definitely worth the money!
I am not sure why Lily was scared of the Everest Mountain, but she was. She loved watching the rollercoaster come out of the mountain. She kept asking for "More choo choo tracks."

Tomorrow, I am going to post our favorite picture of Lily from our trip...

104 Degrees on the Safari

We decided to go to the Animal Kingdom on our third day. Lily was so excited, but she fell into a deep sleep while riding on Baba's shoulders (or shoulshers, as Lily says). Bless her heart, she slept through the entire Safari ride.

You can tell how miserable the heat was by this picture. We had no idea the weather would be so hot while we were there.

The Safari ride was awesome. The giraffes were right beside our vehicle, and they weren't at all skittish of humans. It was really cool to see them up close.

We also saw elephants, rhinos, and other animals on the safari. But, I thought this bird picture was neat that we shot below.

Lots more pictures to come! I am only posting a few each day...

Lily loves Legos!

Lily saw her first Disney fireworks on our first night at Epcot. She was a little scared of them, but she still wanted more as soon as they were finished. When she talks about the fireworks, she says, "More cat-guts... purple, pink, red, orn-age, yellow, geeen". She loves the fireworks. Especially since we told her they were Tinkerbell's pixie dust. She adores Tinta-bow! She has a serious obsession with that little fairy.
We could not wait to take her to the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. She had so much fun picking out $150.oo worth of legos. Legos entertain all 3 of us for hours and days and months and years. She loved this sea serpent outside the store.
Plus, of course, we had to go see the Eiffel Tower made out of Legos. She spotted it from a long way away.
Then, we had to go pet the Lego dogs. She really thought they were funny!
Back in our room, the Lego-fun had already begun! She woke up asking to "Pay Legos" and every evening as soon as we got back from the parks- she wanted to "Pay Legos" too!

Meeting Mulan (Sophia's friend)

After we arrived, we spent our first day in Disney with Sophia and her parents. It was wonderful! It was like having our own personal tour guides, and they got us into every attraction super fast as though they really had some sort-of inside connections. Thanks for that- Susan and Riz! After going on a few rides, we stopped by to see Sophia's friend- seriously- who knew her name when we got there! Mulan was so happy to see her little friend, Sophia.
Mulan was so kind and gentle with Lily. She was always in character- asking Lily if she had been practicing her warrior moves. She understood that Lily was a bit shy about meeting her. She was the first character that Lily met at Disney. Her shyness quickly went away after this first day.
Here is Sophia getting a kiss from Mulan.
Lily did want to have her picture taken with Mulan and Mama.
Lily finally decided she wanted to see Mulan all by herself.
Lily loved seeing her, and she still talks about meeting Mulan. She is also still talking about "Fia"- she wants to know where she is. Below are some cute pictures of Lily and Sophia.
Thank you Susan, Riz, and Sophia for such a wonderful first day of our vacation! We had such a great time with you guys, and we look forward to seeing you again!
By the way, if you want to see some beautiful pictures of Sophia and some of her Chinese sisters- check out Susan's blog- Sunflowers and Ladybugs- there are gorgeous pictures of the girls in matching dresses!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We are finally home from Disney. I am going to start posting with LOTS of pictures tomorrow. We had a blast!!! Lily absolutely loved Disney World and all of the characters. I had no idea that she would love them so much! We also got to spend time with Sophia, Susan, and Riz & Hannah, Kim, and Kevin. Therefore, all we have heard from Lily is- "Where Hannah go?" & "Where Fia go?" along with "Tinta bow, cat-guts, castle, mimmee, eye-yore, tiggee, pooh" --- translation: "Tinkerbell, fireworks, castle, Mickey, Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh". I can't wait to share our adventure with you! So, I will be posting every day this week.
But, for now, we are going to TRY to get in bed before midnight for the first time this week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

See you in a week...

We are headed out of town for the week. We will be posting lots of pictures when we return from Disney World. Lily is super excited about seeing the castle and "Mimmey" Mouse. When she sees the characters on tv, she says, "Ohhhhh, cuute!" Apparently, we must say this a lot to her because it sounds just like me! Lily is also saying another thing I say all of the time- "Oh, Word!" Of course, I say, "Oh my word!" But, somehow she has left out the my. Who knows what she will learn after a complete week of our influences only!

We are very hopeful that we will be seeing Sophia and her family, along with Hannah and her family when we are there. So, have a wonderful week everyone! We are going where the dreams we dare to dream really do come true!!!!