Monday, June 29, 2009

Lily loves Legos!

Lily saw her first Disney fireworks on our first night at Epcot. She was a little scared of them, but she still wanted more as soon as they were finished. When she talks about the fireworks, she says, "More cat-guts... purple, pink, red, orn-age, yellow, geeen". She loves the fireworks. Especially since we told her they were Tinkerbell's pixie dust. She adores Tinta-bow! She has a serious obsession with that little fairy.
We could not wait to take her to the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. She had so much fun picking out $150.oo worth of legos. Legos entertain all 3 of us for hours and days and months and years. She loved this sea serpent outside the store.
Plus, of course, we had to go see the Eiffel Tower made out of Legos. She spotted it from a long way away.
Then, we had to go pet the Lego dogs. She really thought they were funny!
Back in our room, the Lego-fun had already begun! She woke up asking to "Pay Legos" and every evening as soon as we got back from the parks- she wanted to "Pay Legos" too!

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