Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Choo-Choo tracks...

Here is Lily with her new night-shirt on that Suzette bought for her. She loves it because she says it is "hot pink" plus it has Miss Kitty on it.
You can see how much Jambalaya loves her new bed buddy. Check out Uh-oh in the background.
For Lily's birthday, her second cousins, Wyatt and Alex, gave her a Target gift card. We just got to go let her spend it over the weekend. So, we walked up and down the toy isles. She decided on dishes and more "choo-choo tracks" for her train. So, then, we told her she only could get one. I love doing this with Lily because she completely understands. She studied both toys, then said, "No" to the dishes and "Lily's choo-chooo tracks" to the tracks. She held those tracks close to her heart, and she has not mentioned the dishes one time since the shopping trip. It truly amazes me that she can shop so well already!
So, as you can see, we are already enjoying the expansion set of tracks that she chose. I love her train collection- it was something I always wanted as a child. So, Jamie and I are both thrilled that she enjoys playing with trains, legos, and blocks.
We leave in 3 more days for our BIG vacation!!!

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