Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lily's Jo-Jo

Since we only have one cat left now, Lily and Jambalaya a.k.a. Jo-Jo have become best buddies. Seriously. Jo-Jo has become her protector, and they have formed a brand-new connection.
So, this weekend, we went shopping with Aunt Suzette. Lily wanted to buy Jambalaya a present, so we got her a catnip pillow- one of her favorites. Lily got to give it to her. Do you see how Jo-Jo is looking at Lily? She adores her now. Also, Lily's favorite item was an orange and white beanie baby that looked like Cajun. Now, she still carries kitty, but she also carries the gray and white kitty now more often that resembles Jo-Jo.
Here is a picture of us before we headed with Baba to go shopping for the day. As Lily said, " Shopping... Allllll Day!"

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