Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lita's Photos- Part 4

This is probably our favorite picture of all. It just completely shows Lily's thoughtful side. She is a very good listener, and she remembers everything she hears- whether she acts like she is paying attention or not.
Lily also has a very playful side. She loves to laugh and giggle. She also loves to dance, twirl, and sing. We have some cute videos of her dancing. I will try to upload them next week.
Our family feels complete with Lily. We have no idea what we do without her in our lives. She is an absolute gift from God.
This weekend, I will post the remaining pictures from our photo shoot with Lita. We love these photos, and we could never thank her enough for spending so much time with us which gave her the opportunity to get so many beautiful pictures of Lily. Thank you- Lita!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lita's Photos- Part 3

These photos were taken downtown in front of one of our favorite places to eat.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lita's Photos- Part 2

This is our favorite family photo! We were headed downtown for Lita to take some more pictures, when she pulled us over because she noticed the full moon with the perfect setting for some more pictures.

Jambalaya, a.k.a. Jo-Jo, had to get in this picture.
This was one of first shots of the 3 of us.
Here is Lily's silly face!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lita's Photos- Part 1

Our friend and awesome photographer, Lita, came over a few weeks ago to take lots of pictures of Lily. There are so many I want to share- so I am just going to load 5 every couple of days this week. I hope you enjoy them! I think Lita is amazing!!!
She always starts out taking Lily's picture while she is playing so Lily gets used to everything.
We love the photo above. It shows the complete Lily with her fun attitude!
Of course, I love this one, too! I can't get enough family photos.
I will show you some of the 3 of us on Monday! I will download more after school.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spirit Week

Last week was Spirit Week at school, so we decided to let Lily dress up, too. Friday was Twin Day- so my girls in my room, along with Lily, wore purple to all look alike.
Wednesday was Team Day. Nana bought Lily this UT cheerleader's outfit. So, she was dressed up in her UT outfit while I wore my Miami Hurricanes outfit.
Tuesday was Hero Day, so Lily and I dressed up in Kentucky clothes to represent my Mom's memory. My Mom was from Kentucky, and she was a huge Kentucky fan. If you ask Lily where Nana Claire is- she says that she is Heaven with Cajun. It is so sweet.
It was fun to have Spirit Week with Lily! We didn't take pictures on Monday, but it was Pajama Day. She really enjoyed getting to wear her PJs all day long!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A preview...

Our wonderful friends, Lita and Todd, came over last night with their son, Colin. Lily adores Colin! Lita is an amazing photographer. It was time for her to do another photo shoot with Lily. (The two pictures on the left hand side of the blog of the 3 of us and the one with the daisy were both taken by Lita, too!) She got some beautiful pictures, and I cannot wait until she is all finished so I can show them off. But, she did send me one picture of Colin and Lily that I just had to show. By the way, I love the panda clothes from Gymboree. I am sure we all have them for our girls. They are just too cute!