Monday, November 9, 2009

Spirit Week

Last week was Spirit Week at school, so we decided to let Lily dress up, too. Friday was Twin Day- so my girls in my room, along with Lily, wore purple to all look alike.
Wednesday was Team Day. Nana bought Lily this UT cheerleader's outfit. So, she was dressed up in her UT outfit while I wore my Miami Hurricanes outfit.
Tuesday was Hero Day, so Lily and I dressed up in Kentucky clothes to represent my Mom's memory. My Mom was from Kentucky, and she was a huge Kentucky fan. If you ask Lily where Nana Claire is- she says that she is Heaven with Cajun. It is so sweet.
It was fun to have Spirit Week with Lily! We didn't take pictures on Monday, but it was Pajama Day. She really enjoyed getting to wear her PJs all day long!


jocelyn031708 said...

What a fun week you guys had. I especially love the story of the hero day and how you honored your mothers memory. What a tribute that was to her. I also love the pictures in her cheerleader outfit. Too cute!!!

lillian08 said...

Stephanie... You're such a GREAT Mom! :O)