Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baba's New Ride

Jamie is thrilled, and Lily is ecstatic because this car is her favorite color!

Christmas Traditions

 As always, we have continued on with our Christmas tradition of putting our tree up at the end of October  Lily enjoyed it once again this year!  We love beginning to celebrate Jesus's birth as early as possible!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Busy Month!

 Lily got to experience one of her favorite days at school- Pajama Day!  She so wishes that we could have this day at least once a week!
 She painted her first large canvas piece.  She had to paint a scene from Disney World, of course.  I love the fireworks with Tinkerbell flying in the sky, along with all of the Mickey Balloons.  Notice Mickey and Minnie walking toward the back of the castle.  This picture is hanging in her bedroom.
 We visited Kentucky where Lily got to play some Hide and Seek with her 100-year-old Grandmother.  I am amazed at how she can still play with Lily.  They giggle and laugh just like they are the best of friends.  It is really sweet!
 Lily got to ride the Fire Truck at school... with Teodora and her 2nd grade class.
 She also enjoyed the petting zoo at school during our Fall Carnival.

 Lily also got to be on our main stage at church with KidRave- our Kids Worship Team- which was a big event.  She loved being on stage and worshipping God.  This is something she does every weekend, but it is during Elementary Worship.  So, being on stage with our worship team was "the coolest thing ever!"
Along with that, Jamie and I are continuing to exercise daily.  He has lost 105 pounds and I have lost 22 pounds.  I have two more to go, and he is going to try for about 25 more before we start maintaining what we have lost.