Thursday, April 29, 2010

Minnie's House

During the parade, we strolled back to ToonTown... and it had turned into a ghost town. It was wonderful! So, Lily had a blast playing in Minnie's house without anyone else around.

If you haven't ever been in Minnie's house- Lily is popping popcorn in the microwave.
And in this one she is watching a cake bake inside the oven.
We also had all of the furniture to ourselves. This was so much different than being there over the summer when we were shoved into Minnie's house like sardines with sweat pouring off of us. She had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting the Princesses

Outside the Nemo ride on our 15th time trying to find Nemo...
Later on that evening, during the parade, we walked down to ToonTown to see Tinkerbell again. But, the fairies line was LONG. So, we asked Lily if she wanted to go see the Princesses. Her immediate answer was, "YES!" So, she met Aurora first. She was really shy with her since she is "real" and all.
Also, she doesn't really "know" Sleeping Beauty. But, she knows Cinderella. She was thrilled to meet her. Can you tell from that big smile?
Then, her favorite- Belle. She hasn't even seen the Beauty & the Beast, but she has seen bits and pieces of it. Apparently, she has seen enough to be delighted to meet her. Now, if you ask her, she will say Belle is her favorite Princess. I think it is because she was so sweet to her!
Tomorrow, we have pictures of Minnie's house with Lily in it all by herself. Seriously, this time was the best time to go to Disney. It wasn't too crowded, and at night during the parade and fireworks, we had ToonTown all to ourselves. I miss Disney World...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to Disney World...

With a kiss from Mulan after our third visit with her, we were on our way to lunch at one of our favorite spots in Epcot...
Sunshine Seasons! Lily enjoyed eating here and at Casey's Corner in the Magic Kingdom the most.
She drank a lot of chocolate milk while we were there since it is her favorite drink besides lemonade.
We only had a couple more days before leaving, and she was completely worn out for her nap.
She laid down and stayed this way for almost 3 hours! You can see that Piglet and Nemo had been purchased. After riding Nemo for the 35th time, just kidding, but almost that many times- Lily said, "Do you think maybe Nemo could go home with us?" So, Nemo joined our family!
I think I have at least 3 more days of Disney photos- so come back and see who else joined our family before we left!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Princess Parlor

Lily went to Maddy's birthday party at The Princess Parlor last night.
She was so excited, and she has been talking about it for weeks.
However, for those of you who know Lily really well- she does NOT like to dress up.
But, she loves having her nails done. So, she was thrilled about this part.
She also loved the jewelry aspect of the evening- see the big purple ring.
She also loved the lipgloss part since she can't live without her strawberry chapstick.
She is showing off her shiny lips!
She did allow me to hold some fairy wings up just for a picture.
She enjoyed watching the other girls get dressed up. The birthday girl is in purple!
Her shirt did say Princess on it. So, for now, that is the best I am going to get from my little Princess.
Then, after everyone was dressed up, they had a tea party.
Lily took the cupcake, but did not eat it. She is not a fan of too many sweet things.
But, she loved the raspberry tea. Note to self: allow Lily to drink out of real cups! I am such a neat freak that we have just been strictly sippy cups and straws. I will do better starting today.
The girls had to use their manners throughout the evening, and they each waited in line to give Maddy her presents. They had to curtsy when they presented her their present.
Lily was anxious for her to see what she bought for her.
Not the best photo quality, but so sweet!
After the presents, they danced together like Princesses!
This was adorable to watch!
They really enjoyed Maddy's party!
Happy Birthday, Maddy, and thank you for inviting us!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Lily's own words...

Lily loves looking at our pictures. Here is what she said when she saw each one of these photos:
"There is my friend, Tigger. I love him."
"I love Pooh, too. I love Tigger and Pooh. Pooh is giving me a big hug. Who is that little girl? (Answering her own question) A stranger."
There is Bambi and Flower- she is stinky and sweet- and Thumper. Those are Bambi's friends."
"There is Tinkerbell. Where are the other fairies? Do we have pictures of them?"
"Why did you take our picture under those purple flowers, Mama? I like them. They are pretty purple flowers."
I still have more pictures for tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Marie has always been my favorite, and I had no idea that Marie was actually at Disney World. So, of course, Lily loves her, too! When she saw her at Epcot, she took off hollering, "Arie, Arie".
We all had to get our picture made with her! Lily was thrilled that her bow matched Marie's bow!
Lily gave her a big hug before we went over to the Paris Patisserie for a yummy snack.
Lily really enjoyed the phone booths, too, along with her Baba!
Once Lily gets a little older, we are going back to Paris and we are also going to England. We have always wanted to go there.
Yes, more pictures tomorrow...

Monday, April 19, 2010


At the end of the Nemo ride, you can go see Bruce. Lily loves Bruce! Have I mentioned that we rode Nemo 55,000 times while we were there? It is her new favorite ride, with the carousel horses and It's A Small World coming in a second place tie.
Here we are at the end of our day leaving Epcot. Lily is practicing her posing stances for pictures with the characters.
She was so happy to be at Disney World! Clearly, we will be going back for years to come.
Here are the first pictures of her with Tigger and Pooh. She is looking at Jamie with a huge smile, telling him that she just gave Tigger kisses.
Then, she turned around and gave him more hugs and kisses. Pooh was getting a little jealous. At one point, he threw up his arms in a "Why aren't you paying attention to me?" pose. Then, he started pointing at himself and tapping her on the shoulder. She just laughed, then eventually, she walked over to Pooh and hugged on him, too.
Yes, there will be more pictures tomorrow....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lily & Mulan

Lily decided early on that she did not want to share Mulan with anyone.
However, since she is "real"- Lily was very shy with her most of the time.
But, she couldn't wait to see her, and as soon as we left Mulan each time we saw her, Lily did her "yea" dance. If you are unfamiliar with the "yea" dance- it is the one that Hannah and Lilly do on Hannah Montana. It is exactly the same, and it is so much fun!
Here, Mulan is showing Lily how to do her warrior stances. Lily was taking it all in so she could show us these poses later on in our room.
Thank you, Mulan, for being so kind to Lily and for spending time with her. She will never forget the time we spent together with you. There are more pictures of Lily and Mulan on another day, too.
Come back tomorrow for more pictures...