Sunday, March 30, 2014

Surprise Vacation- Day 1

 So, we started off our day bright and early....

 We made our reservations quickly before we left on Monday night, and we were surprised how easy it was to get the restaurants that we wanted.  We each got to pick 2 of our favorites.

 So, Lily's first pick was Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom.  They have the best milkshakes and burgers in the whole park- in our opinion!  Plus, they are large enough that Lily and I always just share a burger.

 This vacation turned out to be our selfi vacation- we took a zillion pictures of ourselves!

 My favorite treat- a Chesire Cat Cake Pop!  Yumm!

We ended up our evening at Epcot.  We ate an San Angel Inn which is my favorite spot to eat.  I love the atmosphere and the food is delicious!

We need to talk about a mouse...

Baba came home from work on Monday and said, "We need to have a family meeting."  After we sat down together, he said, "We need to talk about a mouse..."
    Lily said, "Is there another mouse at school or at church?" (We have had some mice issues this winter at work!)
    Jamie said, " This one has a name that starts with M--(realization dawns on her quickly)-- and I wondered if you wanted to go see him."
    Lily sighed, " I would love to go see him!"  She said this very dramatically.
   So, he replied, " Then, let's pack and we will be on our way!"

There was a lot of happiness at that moment!  Baba surprised both of us with a trip to Disney that neither one of us suspected!

Waiting on the Doctor

 On March 21st, we had to go to the doctor to make sure Lily's cough wasn't turning into something bad.  While we were waiting, we entertained ourselves.  You would never know she is sick...which is normal.  She never complains about anything!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gotcha Day Pictures

 Lily was super excited to spend Gotcha Day weekend shopping and eating together.
 We couldn't pass up a shirt that had Uh-Oh's name on it!
 While we were shopping downtown, Lily found Kitty a new hat (a.k.a. jar lid).  I told her that was such a creative idea!  I love it!  Of course, Uh-Oh is jealous.  So, he will have to get a hat, too.
 Aunt Trina surprised Lily will some Gotcha Day cash for the Book Fair.  She was beyond thrilled with that present!
 Then, Kelsey sent her a surprise....
 And Lily enjoyed using her creativity to decorate her Inkoo!

A Note for Mama

Lily's Braids

Lily's Sweet Friend

 Kelsey (and Willum) are very special to Lily.  Kelsey sends Lily the sweetest notes that encourage her and make her feel very loved!  I had to include this in Lily's blogbook because I know that it means so much to her.  

More of Lily's Artwork and Schoolwork

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Gotchaversary #6!

 It is so hard to believe that 6 years have passed.  It seems like we were just in China holding our baby for the first time...