Thursday, March 31, 2011

Socks, Fireworks, Croissants, and Pooh

One of our favorite spots to see Pooh and Tigger is in England @ Epcot. They never have a long wait there; however, it is probably because everyone is outside waiting in the Mary Poppins and Alice lines which we did not even attempt this time.
We decided to purchase some matchy-patchy socks while we were there.
Lily loved sitting on the "deckony" eating her chocolate croissants from Paris.
This was our view of the fireworks from our "deckony" each night. See the little Eiffel Tower to the left of the fireworks. We just loved our room this time.
One other view of the Eiffel Tower when they highlight it with white lights during the fireworks celebration each night.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of Lily @ Hollywood Studios- her new favorite place because it is all about Toy Story & Disney Junior.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Little Photographer

We were so happy to be on vacation together! It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with eachother. I cannot stop thanking God for our trip and our time together. The following pictures were just a few of the 300 pictures that Lily took on our trip.
This sign said "Blustery day" which was from the Winnie the Pooh characters inside the Flower & Garden Festival @ Epcot. This is one of Lily's favorite stories from Pooh. So, she had to take a picture of this word. She tries to use it as often as she can when we have blustery days.
She also had to take a picture of Tigger- one of her favorite characters.
For this picture, she saw it as we were walking- and we had to stop so she could take a good picture of these beautiful flowers.
This picture was taken (while we were shopping) for Aunt Trina because she loves butterflies.
She also really enjoyed us posing for her pictures, so we had to stop often and say "cheese".
Besides Nemo (which we rode about 20 times), Lily also loves the Donald Duck ride inside the Mexican Pavillion (which we also rode a bunch). When she saw the Mexican Donald, she got so excited and had to take his picture. Jamie said this picture taking idea was great because it saved us a lot of money. She took pictures instead of asking for presents.

I still have lots more pictures to share. So, keep checking back each day. Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of Lily eating her chocolate croissant on the "deckony".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mulan & Lily

Lily loved, loved, loved being in "China" this time. Later on this week, I am going to post a ton of pictures that our little photographer took. China was her favorite place to take pictures.
We spent a few days eating lunch in China at Epcot. It was so delicious. Lily truly loves rice and noodles with tons of duck sauce.
We have a smaller terra cotta warrior like this one at our house, so Lily thought it was really neat that she was as big as this one.
We were there for the Garden & Flower Festival @ Epcot. So, she loved taking pictures of all the interesting characters throughout the park.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lotso & Lily

Lily loved meeting all of the characters, but Lotso was by far her favorite this time. They hit if off instantly. I wish I had a video of her running to him. Then, he started tickling her and kissing her...
Lotso was so sweet- nothing like the character he played in Toy Story 3- Lily says.
She loved that she was actually in Sunnyside DayCare. Disney is truly amazing and creative!
Here we are traveling on the monorail, or as Lily calls it the "monoray".
We had to go ride the carousel since it is one of her favorite rides at Disney.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A View to Love

Staying at The Boardwalk at Disney is by far our favorite place, but this view was definitely the best. We were so excited to have a balcony, or as Lily called it "a deckony" where we could sit and watch the fireworks from Epcot every night. She also loved sitting outside looking at the Eiffel Tower and eating chocolate croissants.
This was another view from our deckony.
Lily loved that she matched Daisy when we went to Epcot the first day...
She was all about getting her picture made with everyone on this trip- Pluto...
and Minnie got lots of hugs from Lily!

There will be lots more Disney pictures every day this week...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Aunt Fancy Nancy Fashion Show

Aunt Fancy Nancy has been doing some Spring shopping for Miss Lily- the fashion model...
She could not wait to do her fashion show with her new clothes after dinner tonight.
How cute is this one with the matching headband... we are loving this cute skirt!

Now, if you cannot tell- she seriously enjoys being a fashion model...
She loves posing for the camera...
Aunt Nancy- this smile is all for you! She is so pleased and thankful for her new clothes!She loves her new Easter dress, too! She loves the matching coat....And she is amazed at how the inside matches her dress, too!
THANK YOU, Aunt "Fancy" Nancy for thinking of Lily and spoiling her rotten!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

WinterJam Rocks!

Just a couple of pictures of Lily before we headed out for the concert...
She was so excited to see Newsboys! She had a great time, dancing and singing...
And praising our God! I am so thankful for the opportunity to worship God in a group of 18,000 people! We had a wonderful, blessed evening!