Thursday, March 31, 2011

Socks, Fireworks, Croissants, and Pooh

One of our favorite spots to see Pooh and Tigger is in England @ Epcot. They never have a long wait there; however, it is probably because everyone is outside waiting in the Mary Poppins and Alice lines which we did not even attempt this time.
We decided to purchase some matchy-patchy socks while we were there.
Lily loved sitting on the "deckony" eating her chocolate croissants from Paris.
This was our view of the fireworks from our "deckony" each night. See the little Eiffel Tower to the left of the fireworks. We just loved our room this time.
One other view of the Eiffel Tower when they highlight it with white lights during the fireworks celebration each night.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of Lily @ Hollywood Studios- her new favorite place because it is all about Toy Story & Disney Junior.

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