Friday, April 1, 2011

A Single Rider and Disney Junior

Jamie was posing with Lily after waiting in the single rider line for the Rock'n RollerCoaster. We are so thankful for that line. Jamie was able to get in-and-out of rides that Lily cannot ride on...yet. She keeps telling us when she is a little taller then we can all ride together!
Standing outside waiting for the doors to open for the Disney Junior Playhouse.
Inside waiting to see the performance for the 2nd time. Lily knew what was coming, and she was so excited to see it again. She loves watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins.
Here she is during the show waiting for the gold doubloons to fall from the ceiling.
Here are Jake and Cubby... Cubby always says, "Oh Coconuts!" So, Lily likes to say it, too.
And don't forget Skully, their parrot friend! This show was absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that we waited in line to go see this one. It is definitely something we will go see again and again.

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