Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lily is hiding her eyes while we bring out her Easter basket before church. Aunt Fancy Nancy has been shopping again...this time she bought her a beautiful dress. She also bought her a beautiful polka dotted dress and a fun summertime outfit. I have already posted pictures of Lily in the polka dot dress on Facebook. THANK YOU, Aunt Fancy Nancy!Miss Lily loves her new stamp set. She is looking forward to using it after church.She has a big smile for her chocolate Easter bunnies and her pink bunny Peeps.She just had to eat one of the pink bunnies before we left, so I had one, too!After church, we went to Jamie's grandparents' house for lunch and an egghunt.Lily, Nathan, and Elijah were waiting patiently for the eggs to be hidden.Finally, it was time for the big egg hunt...It took FOREVER for them to find the green egg placed above the hose. It was hilarious. Finally, Elijah found it.Keely was having fun just holding onto the real Easter eggs. Lily was super happy to have found one of the money eggs! Yay, Ice Cream money!

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