Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toy Story Mania

These pictures were from our wait to see Buzz... which turned into a wait to see Woody at the last minute. She loves them both, but Buzz is her favorite. Toy Story Mania was also one of our favorite rides!!! SO much fun!
Our little picture queen... she seriously loves to have her picture taken.
This is a classic Princess Lily shot. Did I mention how much she loves it when everyone calls her Princess at Disney World? I love that everyone does that, too. That is such a great idea that someone came up with years ago.
She is in the luggage where Jessie was with Woody in Toy Story 2...then, Buzz left and Woody came to replace him---
Lily said, "I was a little nervous about Woody. He was SOOOO TALL!"

Yes, I still have a lot more pictures. I haven't posted this much in forever! :0)

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