Monday, September 19, 2011

Package from NeverLand?

 Julie and her family used to be our neighbors.  Today, Lily got a surprise package from them. 
 She wondered if they came from NeverLand?  They did look like Tinkerbell had sent them just for her!
When she dressed up in this orange one, she said she was a "Tigger Fairy"!  Thank you so much for sending Lily this special package.  I know she will enjoy these adorable tu-tus and their accessories!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Aunt Fancy Nancy Fashions!

Check out this adorable brown and pink polka-dot outfit! Lily just loved it. She couldn't wait to wear it to church this morning. After church and lunch with our family, she was thrilled to go shopping at the mall. She informed us that she really needed some headbands with bows and flowers on them to match all of her fancy clothes!

She also let us know that for Christmas this year, she only wants Disney dress-up clothes. Yay! We have already started shopping since Rapunzel is her favorite character. We are enjoying this phase of watching her be our little princess!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aunt Fancy Nancy Shops Again!

Thank you so much Aunt Fancy Nancy for the new fashions that arrived upon our doorstep a few days ago! Lily was thrilled with brand-new clothes! She could not wait until she got to wear this outfit to school. She even put on some sparkly pink Sephora eye shadow with some lip gloss. She had to get "fancy" since she had fancy fashions to wear!

We will post another photo after she wears the adorable brown & pink ensemble!