Friday, September 28, 2012

Lily's Loft Bed

 Lily got a brand-new bed that she picked out on her own.  She also got to pick out her own new bedding from Pottery Barn.  So, she is one happy little chick.
 She especially loves that there is a little hiding space underneath.  She likes to play hide-and-seek with Sushi often.
 I just love the organization of this bed!  It is so awesome.  There is a space for everything.  It has really helped us to get all of her books and her movies organized too.
There are even shelves on both sides of the bed too!  I sure am glad she has such good taste!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Happy Dumpling

 Yes, Baba is back.  We are beyond thrilled, and you could say Lily is definitely one happy little dumpling.  Here are a few memories from his trip to China.  The above restaurant looks like so much fun.  I really wish I could have eaten there with him.  That is the happiest dumpling I have ever seen!
 He went on and on about the Black and White burgers from McDonalds. 
 Of course, the one thing I would get immediately on returning to China would be the Pineapple Pie!  I so miss those!  Jamie ate a few while he was there.

                                                   Here is Baba catching some fish.
         Of course, the only thing we cared about was the trip to the Pearl Market.  I will post pictures of Lily's presents later in the week.
Last, but not least- the Great Wall...there are many places to stop and see the Great Wall in China.  This particular place had a ski lift that took you to the top and it seemed much busier than the area we explored about 5 years ago. 

We hope that we will be able to take Lily to China someday soon.  I don't think she could even imagine what it is like.  Epcot at Disney World is about the closest thing we can find around here!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

You Know, Mama...

So, yesterday was a super hard day for me... and Lily.  We both are missing Baba more than ever.  Words could just never describe that terrible feeling of not having him with us to share in our daily experiences.  Of course, I know he is off doing God's work. But, Lily still has to remind me.  This morning when we woke up, she said, "You know, Mama, I sure hope Baba doesn't do this to us again anytime soon.  But, you know he has to go all over the world telling people about God and Jesus.  He has to tell everybody...even people we don't even know.  God's work is way more important than us."
    Yes, I know.  I can also tell you every single Bible verse in the Bible that talks about how God will never push you past your limits and how He will never leave you.  He has made sure that they have been in my daily Bible reading every day that Jamie has been gone.  And can I tell you about the amazing group of people that He has placed in my life to support me during Jamie's absence.  Yes, God is awesome and amazing and wonderful!  Just ask Lily...she will tell you all about Him.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cheer Clinic

 Lily had a fantastic time at Cheer Clinic.  She loves to dance and sing...and cheer.  Here she is with her friends Kenzie and Aubrey.  They are showing their school spirit.
She was so excited to have this pom pom as a gift.  She also got her new loft bed yesterday which she picked out herself (pictures will come later when the camera returns from China).  I was asking her to tell Trina and Ruella what she had gotten yesterday that was super special...and she said her Calhoun  Pom Pom!  Isn't it funny what stands out in a child's mind. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Busy Life

 I found this picture that I forgot to post in June!  Lily made us an anniversary card.
I think it was storming outside that day since there was a little lightning in our picture with some storm clouds above our heads. 

It has been awhile since I have posted.  Life has been crazy, wonderful, and wild.  We are just so busy all of the time these days, but I will try to do better...soon.  Jamie is getting ready to leave for China on a Mission Trip.  So, we will be by ourselves for awhile.  We are not really looking forward to that, but so thankful that God is using Jamie for something awesome.  School is crazy as ever, and we are having the best time learning.  Lily is the best first grader in the world, and she has already read over 4,000 words in 23 books during the first couple of weeks.  She is an excellent little reader, and she enjoys reading all kinds of books.  She has just discovered non-fiction books, so they are a new treasure to her.  The next few weeks will be full of activities for her, so I should  be posting some pictures.  Please pray for Jamie as he travels across the world and pray for us as we make it without him...which is so difficult on both of us.  No without Jamie is just hard on us.  We love Baba!