Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Happy Dumpling

 Yes, Baba is back.  We are beyond thrilled, and you could say Lily is definitely one happy little dumpling.  Here are a few memories from his trip to China.  The above restaurant looks like so much fun.  I really wish I could have eaten there with him.  That is the happiest dumpling I have ever seen!
 He went on and on about the Black and White burgers from McDonalds. 
 Of course, the one thing I would get immediately on returning to China would be the Pineapple Pie!  I so miss those!  Jamie ate a few while he was there.

                                                   Here is Baba catching some fish.
         Of course, the only thing we cared about was the trip to the Pearl Market.  I will post pictures of Lily's presents later in the week.
Last, but not least- the Great Wall...there are many places to stop and see the Great Wall in China.  This particular place had a ski lift that took you to the top and it seemed much busier than the area we explored about 5 years ago. 

We hope that we will be able to take Lily to China someday soon.  I don't think she could even imagine what it is like.  Epcot at Disney World is about the closest thing we can find around here!

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