Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pool Diving

 On July 26, Lily learned how to dive off of the diving board! She was a little hesitant at first, but really wanted to try it.  So, she just held her nose and jumped the first time!  After that, she couldn't stop!

Tooth #2

                                                    On July 23, Lily lost her second tooth!

Blowing Kisses

Lily sent this picture to Beth when we got home- blowing her some good night kisses!  She didn't have her two giggling "sisters" to sleep with when we got home!  She misses Liana and Marah every day!

Sushi Kisses

As soon as we walked through the door, Lily got Sushi kisses immediately!  Sushi really missed us, and she made sure to tell us all about it!

Peach Pie

 We had to stop by The Varsity on our way home to get a delicious Peach Pie!

Beach Pictures

 We took lots of pictures of the girls on our last night at the beach.  Beth took some with her cool camera (thank goodness she had her camera!!) so hopefully I will have more to post later.  We had a lot of fun on our vacation with our friends!  We cannot wait to see them again!

Enjoying Every Minute

Another Day at the Beach

 Well, this is the life.  Just relaxing at the beach...with some wonderful friends!

Looking for Clams

 She loved finding shells that were still alive!

Being Precious!

Hanging out in Georgetown

 Marah, Liana, and Lily had some fun eating at their own table for lunch.
 They love to have their picture made... because they are so beautiful!

Broadway at the Beach

As Uncle Tommy said, I seriously need to take a bath!  (Ha Ha!)
And Jamie Zip-lined for the first time!  Woo hoo!

Jellyfish Stings and Smiles

 Seriously- the jellyfish were out by the hundreds!  It seemed as though someone was getting stung every few seconds.  One jellyfish wrapped itself around Lily's leg and made about ten marks around her leg on this side.  Then, it got her other leg as well.  She handled it really well (way better than her Mama would have!) and she was smiling after about an hour of sitting under the umbrella- resting, having some lemonade, packing it in wet sand, and of course the immediate vinegar spray.  I learned way too much about jellyfish on this trip!

Loving the Boogie Board

This was probably one of Lily's favorite things to do in the water!

Silly Girls

They were oohing and aahing over the stackable washers and dryers!  They were so silly!

Making Homemade Pizza

 The girls thoroughly enjoyed making homemade, organic pizza with Jamie.  It was fun to watch them, and they did a fantastic job!  They were so yummy!

Beach Vacation

 Our first day at the Beach with Beth, David, Liana, and Marah.  Lily could have stayed at the beach forever...she was completely satisfied and content looking for shells, playing in the water, and digging in the sand.

Chocolate Pudding

 This was Hominy Grill's chocolate pudding--- Oh my word!  The best dessert ever!  Look at my handsome husband and beautiful daughter in their purple!

Hominy Grill- our favorite restaurant

 We ate at Hominy Grill twice while we were in Charleston.  It was delish!

Cemetery in Charleston

 While walking through the streets of Charleston, Lily asked to stop to see a cemetery that we passed by.  She was so interested in the markers, having to stop and read each one.  She also loved the old church doors and everything else. It was so cool to explore with our little curious daughter!