Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Studying God's Word

Jamie and I have been reading the Bible for 286 days through YouVersion on our phones.  We are going through a Chronological Study of the Bible in 365 days.  Throughout our study, I have been making notes and bookmarks.  As you probably know, when you study the Bible- you learn so much that you want to share it with everyone you know.  We especially love to share our studies with Lily.  Then, I realized that I could just make a blog just for Lily that I can turn into a BlogBook once I am finished with this study.  So, last month, I started taking all of my notes and bookmarks from our study and from sermons at church from our pastor---and I have made a new blog just for Lily.  Once we are finished with this specific study, I am going to publish my Blog Book so that Lily will have it to read and keep.  I pray that this will encourage her and help to guide her throughout her life.  Her walk with God is the most important part of her life.
http://thisworldisourhotelroom.blogspot.com/   (You will have to read the first post to see why I gave this address to her blog.)