Monday, January 31, 2011

Conversations with Lily

Yesterday we were walking around the block. Lily was asking a thousand questions, and somehow we started talking about drains. This led to Ratatouille, and then onto the questions about rats living under the streets. Lily said, "I think rats might be able to see better in the dark." I replied, "Maybe they are nocturnal. Do you know what nocturnal means?" Lily answered, "Oh, yes. Stinky possums are nocturnal and bats and owls. That means they sleep during the day and they are awake at night." I said, "Where did you learn that?" She said, "The Cat in the Hat. He was telling Nick and Sally, and I just learned that."

She is learning like crazy. She knows her right from her left, she can identify all coins, she knows many sight words, she is able to add and subtract basic numbers, and she is quickly learning opposites. She knows her sounds, and she is learning about clusters. She is learning how to read menus when we go out to eat, and she can operate any computer. She is an absolute sponge. I find myself telling her all kinds of things and explaining everything constantly. I absolutely love this age!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! (with one more video)

We had a great evening with our friends at our local Chinese Restaurant. I made a new friend, Emma. Lily decided she is ready for a little sister now after being around Emma all evening.
We had fun trying to get all of the girls together for a photo!
But, Lily kept smiling at Jamie while he was trying to get a good picture of the girls.
We decided to wear matching purple for the evening! Lily is beginning to like purple again!
I like this picture because it shows how much red is in Lily's hair. Lily says our hair looks like its about the same color in the picture below.
Here is another video:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lily's First Bible Verse

This was Lily's first Bible verse that she memorized a couple of months ago.

Stay tuned this weekend for more videos!

Dress Up!

Lily loves to dress up her Baba...
She is so proud of her skills!
Of course, I have a turn, too!
We just got a brand-new computer that is as fast as lightening. So, get ready- because you are about to be bombarded with videos and pictures galore over the next few days!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snow Day!

We headed outside this afternoon to play in our 6+ inches of snow!
Our next door neighbor came over and brought a sled he made this morning.
Lily got to have her first sled ride with Baba and James, our neighbor.
There she is with the two of them, along with Maggie, who was also enjoying the snow.
Lily even got to sled all by herself. She really enjoyed this new snowy day activity.
She had so much fun just playing in the snow...
Making snow angels...
Throwing snowballs...
and laughing as much as possible!
We had a wonderful day together! It reminded me so much of the snowy days we used to have when we were younger. I hope we get another day of this tomorrow!