Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Little Thinker

We found Lily like this the other night...she had gotten in our bed.  When we showed her the picture the next morning, she said, "Hmmm... I have no idea what I was thinking about!" She slept in this position for most of the night!

Lily's Artwork

 Drawing and reading are two of Lily's many talents...
 My picture is the first one, and Lily did the second one.  The rest are her creations!

Baba's Baby

This is Lily every morning... Baba carries her into the bathroom while she is still asleep.  He told her the other morning that he needed to get her an alarm clock.  To which she replied, "I already have an alarm clock... You!" What can I say.... Like Mama, like daughter!

Big Ed's

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A conversation with Lily:

Lily makes a comment about how spending time with each other is so important.  

Jamie replies, "Amen sister!"

Lily says, "We haven't even prayed yet!" 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Seeing the Light

 At Ella's service, we saw this beautiful statue.  What an amazing way to show what happens to us when we leave this world and enter the gates of Heaven...
 Lily loved seeing this.  She asked Trina to have her picture made with her and Jesus!
When your child knows all about Heaven and what awaits us there, death is so much easier for them to comprehend.  Lily is happy for Ella because she doesn't have to suffer anymore... and she knows that God is taking care of her.

Mary and Lily

   Lily got to spend the day with her great-grandmother last Saturday, and she had the best time.  She said she wished she could spend every Saturday with her.  When we came to pick her up, Mary had taught her how to play checkers.  She had played with it before, but she had spent some time showing her how to really play.  So, Jamie and Lily had a little game when we got there.  Lily won the game, and Mary was right there cheering her on.  She thought through every move thoroughly.  Spending the day with Mary was such a blessing!

From the beginning of our snow day...

 We woke up to this view from our front deck...
 Jamie made his famous Chocolate Croissants for breakfast (really, they are Trader Joe's)...
 Then, Lily chose buttons for her snowman....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowy Day!

Lily the Scientist

 We made crystals last week...

 And here is the finished product!  Beautiful crystals!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Will Miss You "Ella"!

  I found some pictures of "Ella" and "Tina" from Lily's younger days... and I just wanted to share.  Lily has been remembering all of their times together, and the one thing that keeps being repeated is all of the trouble they got into together....and there was a lot of that!
 Ruella sent Lily text messages often, and they always ended with something that we always say to each other.... Love you more than---Over the years, Ruella made up some great ones like "Love you more than all the spider webs" and "Love you more than all the clouds in the sky".  They always had to do with the change of season or whatever was going on with school.

                           So, in honor of Ruella- "Ella" we love you more than all the angels in Heaven!