Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Will Miss You "Ella"!

  I found some pictures of "Ella" and "Tina" from Lily's younger days... and I just wanted to share.  Lily has been remembering all of their times together, and the one thing that keeps being repeated is all of the trouble they got into together....and there was a lot of that!
 Ruella sent Lily text messages often, and they always ended with something that we always say to each other.... Love you more than---Over the years, Ruella made up some great ones like "Love you more than all the spider webs" and "Love you more than all the clouds in the sky".  They always had to do with the change of season or whatever was going on with school.

                           So, in honor of Ruella- "Ella" we love you more than all the angels in Heaven!

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