Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014

 Best gift from Disney World this time...Lumiere which sits at our table and greets us every time we eat!  His flames light up and flicker while we eat.  So much fun!
 Our little fashionista sporting her new purse and new topsy tail hairdo-
 She finally decided to get her ears pierced... She was so excited!
 She sat as still as a statue...
 And moments later, she was completely thrilled!  Not one tear for my little lady!
 After we pierced her ears, she wanted to go eat lunch at Panera Bread...
  where she ate a cupcake to celebrate her big girl day!
 She loves exercising and working out while we do each day...
 We got her a Lite Brite- which we both loved as kids!  Much different these days, but still lots of fun!
 And in a galaxy far far away....

 Lily continues to love to read!  Since Christmas Day, she has read over 50 chapter books!

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