Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elijah's Birthday

Lily is finally all better, and today was Elijah's birthday party. Elijah is Lily's cousin.
He had a Toy Story themed party at Wee Bounce, which is one of Lily's favorite places.
Here is Elijah with Lily. He will be 5-years-old on Valentine's Day.
Here is Lily with all of her cousins!
Here is the birthday boy with Lily's Aunt Manda & Uncle Bernie! Lily had a wonderful time at Elijah's party! Happy Birthday, Elijah!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fancy Nancy Fashions

Lily has been sick this weekend. She ran her first really high temperature, and she ended up having Tonsillitis. She has not felt very well, but today she is beginning to feel a little better. Aunt Nancy, or as Lily refers to her Aunt Fancy Nancy, sent her some new clothes this weekend. Lily did not feel up to trying everything on today, but she wanted to show off her new pajamas.

Thank you Aunt Fancy Nancy for this BIG surprise. Lily loves her new clothes...

especially her hot pink pajamas! She says she will feel up to a fashion show later this week!