Monday, January 31, 2011

Conversations with Lily

Yesterday we were walking around the block. Lily was asking a thousand questions, and somehow we started talking about drains. This led to Ratatouille, and then onto the questions about rats living under the streets. Lily said, "I think rats might be able to see better in the dark." I replied, "Maybe they are nocturnal. Do you know what nocturnal means?" Lily answered, "Oh, yes. Stinky possums are nocturnal and bats and owls. That means they sleep during the day and they are awake at night." I said, "Where did you learn that?" She said, "The Cat in the Hat. He was telling Nick and Sally, and I just learned that."

She is learning like crazy. She knows her right from her left, she can identify all coins, she knows many sight words, she is able to add and subtract basic numbers, and she is quickly learning opposites. She knows her sounds, and she is learning about clusters. She is learning how to read menus when we go out to eat, and she can operate any computer. She is an absolute sponge. I find myself telling her all kinds of things and explaining everything constantly. I absolutely love this age!

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