Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lily & Mulan

Lily decided early on that she did not want to share Mulan with anyone.
However, since she is "real"- Lily was very shy with her most of the time.
But, she couldn't wait to see her, and as soon as we left Mulan each time we saw her, Lily did her "yea" dance. If you are unfamiliar with the "yea" dance- it is the one that Hannah and Lilly do on Hannah Montana. It is exactly the same, and it is so much fun!
Here, Mulan is showing Lily how to do her warrior stances. Lily was taking it all in so she could show us these poses later on in our room.
Thank you, Mulan, for being so kind to Lily and for spending time with her. She will never forget the time we spent together with you. There are more pictures of Lily and Mulan on another day, too.
Come back tomorrow for more pictures...

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