Monday, April 19, 2010


At the end of the Nemo ride, you can go see Bruce. Lily loves Bruce! Have I mentioned that we rode Nemo 55,000 times while we were there? It is her new favorite ride, with the carousel horses and It's A Small World coming in a second place tie.
Here we are at the end of our day leaving Epcot. Lily is practicing her posing stances for pictures with the characters.
She was so happy to be at Disney World! Clearly, we will be going back for years to come.
Here are the first pictures of her with Tigger and Pooh. She is looking at Jamie with a huge smile, telling him that she just gave Tigger kisses.
Then, she turned around and gave him more hugs and kisses. Pooh was getting a little jealous. At one point, he threw up his arms in a "Why aren't you paying attention to me?" pose. Then, he started pointing at himself and tapping her on the shoulder. She just laughed, then eventually, she walked over to Pooh and hugged on him, too.
Yes, there will be more pictures tomorrow....

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