Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Princess Parlor

Lily went to Maddy's birthday party at The Princess Parlor last night.
She was so excited, and she has been talking about it for weeks.
However, for those of you who know Lily really well- she does NOT like to dress up.
But, she loves having her nails done. So, she was thrilled about this part.
She also loved the jewelry aspect of the evening- see the big purple ring.
She also loved the lipgloss part since she can't live without her strawberry chapstick.
She is showing off her shiny lips!
She did allow me to hold some fairy wings up just for a picture.
She enjoyed watching the other girls get dressed up. The birthday girl is in purple!
Her shirt did say Princess on it. So, for now, that is the best I am going to get from my little Princess.
Then, after everyone was dressed up, they had a tea party.
Lily took the cupcake, but did not eat it. She is not a fan of too many sweet things.
But, she loved the raspberry tea. Note to self: allow Lily to drink out of real cups! I am such a neat freak that we have just been strictly sippy cups and straws. I will do better starting today.
The girls had to use their manners throughout the evening, and they each waited in line to give Maddy her presents. They had to curtsy when they presented her their present.
Lily was anxious for her to see what she bought for her.
Not the best photo quality, but so sweet!
After the presents, they danced together like Princesses!
This was adorable to watch!
They really enjoyed Maddy's party!
Happy Birthday, Maddy, and thank you for inviting us!

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