Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carousel Horses...

Our first stop was Sunshine Seasons in Epcot for some delicious food and dessert, then we jumped on the Monorail and headed to the Magic Kingdom for the evening. We have gotten smarter since our first trip last summer- we have the meal plan (which is awesome) and we headed straight to see Tinkerbell when the parade started. We had about a 5 minute wait, and we were in Pixie Hollow.
Lily was jumping up and down to see Tinkerbell until we actually were in there with her. Then, she acted like she was as bashful as could be. Tinkerbell was super sweet. She asked if Lily was an animal fairy- hence the Hello Kitty shirt she was wearing- and with that, Lily started talking.
Here she is waiting to see Iridessa next. She did get to see Terrence first. We let the PhotoPass Disney photographers take most of the shots on this trip, too.
She really liked Iridessa. She was so friendly and kind to Lily, too.
Amazingly enough, Lily's favorite part of today was her first ride on a carousel. So, you can imagine how many times we rode this while we were there. I must say that Jamie and I enjoyed riding as much as Lily. It has been a LONG time since I rode on a carousel.
Come back tomorrow to see some pictures of Day 2 with Mulan. Lily begged to wait in-line to see characters on this trip. She happily and willingly went to see anything furry - but the "real" people still made her really shy. When we asked her why she begged to see them then acted so shy, that was her answer- "Mama- they are real." I am not sure what that makes Pooh and Tigger. :0)

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