Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting the Princesses

Outside the Nemo ride on our 15th time trying to find Nemo...
Later on that evening, during the parade, we walked down to ToonTown to see Tinkerbell again. But, the fairies line was LONG. So, we asked Lily if she wanted to go see the Princesses. Her immediate answer was, "YES!" So, she met Aurora first. She was really shy with her since she is "real" and all.
Also, she doesn't really "know" Sleeping Beauty. But, she knows Cinderella. She was thrilled to meet her. Can you tell from that big smile?
Then, her favorite- Belle. She hasn't even seen the Beauty & the Beast, but she has seen bits and pieces of it. Apparently, she has seen enough to be delighted to meet her. Now, if you ask her, she will say Belle is her favorite Princess. I think it is because she was so sweet to her!
Tomorrow, we have pictures of Minnie's house with Lily in it all by herself. Seriously, this time was the best time to go to Disney. It wasn't too crowded, and at night during the parade and fireworks, we had ToonTown all to ourselves. I miss Disney World...

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