Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lily's First Day of Kindergarten

Lily had a wonderful day today! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Stewart! She has told us all about her day- she made a schoolbus, colored an apple with a green leaf and a brown stem, went to Computer Lab where her teacher said, "Do not throw the headphones!" , went outside to play on the playground, and went to Art & Music. She said that in Art she got to tell three things about herself- "My favorite movie is Mulan. I love to play a lot! I love to watch t.v. I have a cat named Sushi." She had her school smile on all day today! She also ate all of her lunch that Baba packed for her: strawberries, grapes, sliced deli turkey, BBQ Pringles, string cheese, and a Yoo-Hoo. She got to help pack her lunch last night.
She also said, "I did not get in trouble one time!" She better not EVER! :0)

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