Saturday, May 18, 2013

End-Of-The-Year Activities

 It is the end of First Grade, and as usual, it seems that we are busier than ever!  I made sure to take lots of pictures during our activities.  Lily is hanging out with her two best friends, Heidi and Teodora.
 We had our annual Mink March a few weeks ago...
 Then the following day, we had our Field Day.  Lily got to be part of the Tug of War team...
 They had fun just sitting around waiting for the next event.
 Carlie Ann is another one of Lily's best friends.  She actually told Baba that Carlie Ann was probably her best friend because they had never argued!  I thought that was pretty smart!
 Lily still loves to run, so she ran in a few events...and she won both of them.
 She also participated in the Obstacle Course race.  She really enjoyed Field Day!

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