Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2-4

Day 2--   (excerpts from my fasting journal)

It was a rough, tired, fuzzy morning. Yet, as the day has gone on- I am starting to feel better. I still have some occasional pains in my side and my back. At times, they are extremely painful.  I am not sure what is going on with my lower back and side.  God- please take all of the pain away and continue to help me look to you for strength today and in the days to come.

You are my strong towershelter over mebeautiful and mightyeverlasting King! You are my strong tower, fortress when I am weakYour name is true and holy and your face is all I seek!
     It is the evening once again, and I feel so excited about the healthy foods we are placing in our bodies.  I know it is not all about the food, but for now, it just seems like a huge part of our sacrifice for you.  God- please help me to make time to spend with you and help me be quiet in our time together.  It is so hard for my mind to be quiet. Thank you again for helping me feel so much better today, but you know I have a big pain in my side that I really want you to take from my body.  So, I expect you to take this from me fully and completely.  If for some reason, you think that I should take medication- please lead me in that direction.  

Thank you again for amazing, powerful, wonderful love!

Day 3--        
Today was hard.  I didn’t feel well, and I was really fussy.  Please reveal yourself to me.

Day 4--        

Today has been a great day.  I still have a lot of pain in my back and lower left side, but I am trying to medicate that myself.  But, no headaches today so that has been a huge blessing.  My body seems to enjoy the foods you have made for us.  I am especially thankful for little red potatoes tonight.  I don’t think I have ever stopped to truly thank you for the foods you made.  I am hopeful that I will continue to honor You by eating the good foods you made to nourish our bodies. 
Please continue to reveal your paths to me as I continue in this fast.  I feel like part of this journey is learning how to listen to youto really listen to you.  It is so hard for me to stop talking to you and wait to see what You have to say.  Just reveal your path to meand help me to follow it every day.  Remind me of those first few lines of Psalm 119.  It is so important!  Reveal Yourself to me!

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