Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 15

As I enter into the last week of fasting for you, I have to admit that this weekend was hard.  It was a constant rebellion with food and my body.  I am so delighted to have changed the way we have eaten, to have given up desires for youbut my mind is rebelling.  It keeps telling me about the things I am missing.  So, there has been a struggle here that I did not expect.  Regardless, I am leaning on Youfocusing on Youand praying to You knowing that You will bring me through this easily.  I keep reminding myself that if it weren’t hard- it wouldn’t be worth doing.  I am enjoying this struggle while I lean on You to carry me.  I have learned (once again) that laying my burdens down at Your feet makes me feel so complete.  I am so thankful that You know meknow my nameand that you sent Your perfect son to wipe away my sins so that I could have a direct line to You- to speak to You, listen to You, and praise You every day. 

   Keep me strong this week, God.  I need You.  Use this week to cleanse me from the inside outbegin a fresh start in me where you make a Genesis week out of the chaos of my life.  Unbutton my lips so that I can sing your praises every day for the rest of my life!  I love you with everything I am.

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