Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fasting...Day 12

Father God-- please use this experience with suffering to remove anything in my life that has taken the Holy Spirit's place as my Comforter. I know that I have used shopping and food to comfort me in times of need, as well as using television as an escape from the hectic day-t0-day existence that stresses me out.  Please allow me to see those things for what they are, and remind me to always seek you First and foremost in every situation.

Note:  Eating this way is not really suffering.  My body, even with shingles, feels better than it has felt in years!  However, there are moments of temptation when I do crave some Godiva chocolate covered strawberries or coconut truffles.  But, I remind myself that it is simply something else that I have found pleasure inand I want to seek all pleasure from You!

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