Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An excerpt from Day 9...

... I am so thankful for You today!  Thank you for spending time with me todayfor giving me hopeI will do what you said.  I plan to trust you completely, have faith in you always, and love you unswervingly for all of the days of my life.  Please keep my family safeand help them to find their way to You.  Please help Lily want to seek You in her life and help her desire to be baptized.  I pray that you lead us where you want us to beguide us in every step of our journeyand provide for us in every wayevery day. I trust you with everything I am.  Let your heart live within me so that I can see the world through Your eyes, and let me love with Your precious, kind, patient love.  Thank you again in advance for what you will be accomplishing through me, your servant.

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