Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 7

Day 7--- 
Thank you God for spending time with me this morning.  I actually was quiet so I could hear Your beautiful voice.  How wonderful it was to experience that time with you and to hear You!  

 Why is it in the midst of experiencing You that the devil always shows up?  He has been ever present todayand I for one do not even want to allow it.  I need You to be present in our livesconstantand I want him to leave.   I am not sure what happened but I do know thisI need Youonly You.  Today has been a wonderful day- a day of rest which I so needed.  But, yet it has been a day of stress also. 

I pray that you are with us constantly, every day, standing by our sidesprotecting us from the evil onefill us with your holy spirit as we walk along the path you lay before us every day of our livesI love you completely and totally...

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