Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fasting...Day 1

Day 1--     (An excerpt from my journal)
Today started out pretty well.  I was so excited for my first day of asking you for your guidance and your wisdom all day long.  But, by 1 p.m., I was toast.  I have spent the last few hours laying on the couch in pain, hot as though I have a fever, and totally miserable.  Once Jamie got home, we ate our dinner which consisted of Triscuits, Hummus, and grapes.  It was very good.  I feel almost rejuvenated, but I am still really warm to the touch with only a slight fever.  A teacher at school said that the toxins were leaving my body which is why I feel so bad.  All I know is I equate this to everything bad leaving my body so my body and my soul are getting a new release on life straight from God. 

 I just ask that I will awaken tomorrow with a cleansed soul- at least the beginning of one.  Please allow it to be so open and willing to Your word and Your ways for my life, Lord.  All I want is to please you with everything I say and do.  Thank you for everything You have allowed me to have in my earthly life and everyone You have given me to love.  I pray that I love them, along with all other people You made in your image, with everything I am. 

Help me, Dear Father God, to love you, seek you, and depend on You fully and completely for all of the days of my life!

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