Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 17

(Daniel 3)  Either God was going to deliver them or they would willingly die in His servicethey were going to bow or burnand what did the son of God do- He walked with them through the flames.  I want to always believe with boldness that God- my God- will be with me in the fire every single time. 

Today has not been the best day.  I hate to even admit that.  I woke up a little fussy, but I quickly started praising before my feet even hit the shower.  Yet, as the day progressed, it was a total rollercoaster ride of stressful moments and plans that I honestly don’t want any part of.  Why is it that work seems to zap all of the good out of me at times?   I can’t believe that I manage to let my job take all of the JOY right out of my life- a job which I have always loved in the past.  Regardless, I kept thinking about what those boys (in Daniel) did all day todaystanding there in the face of the King telling him that they were not going to bow down to himand they were so faithful.  I so wanted that this morning as I left for school- I wanted to be so faithful.  Yet, once again, no matter how much I tried- I was faithless today.  I let school get to meagain.  Then, on top of that, I let other things outside of school worry me.  It has been 17 days, and here I amright back in the same place I was two weeks agolost, wandering, and weary

But, waitthere is hope today.  Because I know that no matter how far off I wander- there is this awesome God that loves me with this crazy, reckless love who will come find me no matter where I go and He will meet me right where I am

I am so thankful that I have Him to lean on even when I have these yucky days.  So thankfuleven now I have to smile because HE loves me even though today I was not His childI was a child of the world.  Don’t be of this world, Stephanie- just be in this world.  Clearly, I need about a million more days to FASt!  :0) 

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