Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still adjusting...

I just want to thank everyone for your prayers and emails. They have really meant a lot to us. Lily is still having a difficult adjustment. She had another rough day yesterday with Cindy. I spoke with some experts on the subject, and they seemed to think that Lily is basically testing Cindy. Since she has been with different people so often lately, she is testing Cindy to see if she will leave too. This is how they tried to explain her behavior to me. They seemed to think this would continue for a few more weeks, and they said it was a healthy way for her to deal with this transition. So, I guess Cindy needs most of our prayers at this point.
Today, I had an inservice day. So, we had to find someone to keep Lily at home for the day. Her Aunt Ruella came over to take care of her. Lily did great! There were no tears, and she was super happy all day with Ruella. Of course, Lily knows her, and she loves her. So, Lily was just as happy as could be when she saw Ruella come to the door this morning. Lily also got to see Jamie for lunch, and he was able to put her to sleep today for naptime. He has really missed that lately, so he was super happy about getting to spend time with her today. He never realized how much he would miss seeing her every day at his lunchtime. So, for today- things were a little more normal for her. She got to stay home, and she clearly enjoyed it.
Now, I am on Fall Break for a few days. I am really looking forward to this time with Lily. We both need it. Then, next week, it is back to transition time for Lily. I am hoping and praying that Lily will begin to connect with Cindy.
Tomorrow, we are having a playdate with Kenli and Kenli's Keepers (Amy & Ira). We are so excited to get the girls together! I should have some cute pictures to post after tomorrow evening.

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lillian08 said...

After everything y'all have been going thru on the childcare front... it made my Thankful Thursday post REALLY EASY this week.
Hope you have a great fall break with Miss Lily! :o)
Still praying... and will continue to do so.