Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lily's First Real Purse

I will have to get more pictures of her actually carrying her purse around. But, until then, here is a look at the first time she got to see her new Vera Bradley purse. I have this cabinet in the kitchen where I keep my purse that I carry back and forth to school. Lily loves to open the cabinet, get out my purse, and sit in the floor going through every item. There aren't many things in there, but she loves it anyway. So, I surprised her by moving my purse to a higher cabinet and putting her new purse in there instead. In this picture, she had gotten it out- and looked at me with a huge smile. I told her that was her purse- it belonged to Lily. She totally understood. I had put a tiny book in it, a brush, her John Deere keys that Pop got her a long time ago, and her ladybug beanie baby. She sat in the floor trying to unzip it, It didn't take her long to figure that part out. Then, she sat there going through her purse. Since then, she looks for it every day, and she carries it with her around the house. She especially likes to go through it in the car. Come back tomorrow for videos with Lily and Baba! They are too cute! Then, over the weekend, I will post Lily's new booster seat. That's right, no more highchairs for Miss Lily! She is a big girl now!


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Cute picture with the purse!! Great first choice..Vera Bradley :)

She's growing so much!!

Happy 7 months Gotcha today by the way!!

Sophia's Mama said...

I love it that is so cute and a great choice in patterns i must say LOL.. I have been waiting to give Sophia her first Vera that I have had in her closet since before referral you have inspired me to give it to her. She too loves to unzip and zip my purse a million times a day...