Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning New Things

It seems like every day brings something brand-new! Yesterday, Lily learned how to drink out of a straw. I guess I just thought she was too young. I had no idea that she would just pick up Jamie's drink and start sipping. At first, we just thought it was cute that she was trying to copy Baba. Then, we both saw the water coming up through the straw. We also both heard the coughing as Lily took too big of a gulp. We were just amazed! But, she learned quickly and has wanted to drink out of Baba's big cup again and again.

She also learned how to zip and unzip today. That really surprised me, too. But, she has watched us do this over and over again. She always watches everything so intently. Then, she just does it. She was quite proud of herself- so she clapped for herself. That has become a ritual with everything- and I know all kids do that. But, isn't it so cute!
She has also started doing the exercises with Sesame Street's Do The Alphabet. That is adorable. I will have to try to get that on tape.
Can't wait to see what else she learns this weekend!

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