Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Discoveries

Lily has discovered her love for Math, or I guess it is just for calculators! Regardless, I thought her laying in the floor kicking her feet in the air was too cute. Of course, notice that her Sesame Street Do The Alphabet video is also right there with her. She is still obsessed with that video... Then, she decided to get up and keep punching in numbers. She picked up the video, too. She is not about to leave that behind.
At this point, she pulled my hand for me to sit down so she could sit in my lap and continue working on her skills. (Notice the video- Yes, it is still there in her lap!)
So, the highchair has officially been placed in a storage closet (just in case there will be a little sister someday). Miss Lily is loving her big girl seat. She has really grown over the past few months.
We are going to watch her friend, Colin, play football this evening. I hope we get some cute pictures. Happy Saturday!

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